Google Export Tools

At the 2012 Google Export Event on November 7 the Manager of the GET Teams Karl Ryan introduced the Google Export tools. They are the:

A. Google Market Finder

B. Google Consumer Barometer

C. Google Translate Plug-in

D. Our Mobile Planet

E. Google Analytics

F. Google Channels

G. Seasonability Calender

What struck me is that an Google Industrial Barometer for B2B marketing is missing.

I will elaborate on these tools in the coming weeks.

Export with Google Adwords

Last Wednesday 7 November Google Europe organized a Forum about Export.

Specifically the forum was about using Google Adwords in markets outside one’s home market in order to sell goods and services there.

In the morning there were Export clinics in which I was introduced to the GET Teams. These are the Global Expansion Teams. Google has organized its team in such a way that they are enablers of a company’s international growth. All the members of the GET Teams are proficient in three or more major languages. I spoke to people who spoke Italian, German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Dutch. The language of the event was off course English.

Later there were two speeches on the importance of Export in a context of a shrinking European economy.

There was a panel discussion by some Internet Export Veterans. They were Martin de Boer of Dutch online travel group Travix, Johannes Schaback of Germany’s shopping comparison sites Visual Meta and finally Olga Safonova of Danish online Saxo Bank.

Finally and perhaps most interesting Google’s Karl Ryan, Manager of the GET team demonstrated Google’s Export Solutions.

Later there were social meetings in Dublin. Both the panel discussion and Google’s Export solutions require elaboration in further posts on thsi blog.