Google launches new Online B2B marketplace: Google Shopping for Suppliers

In B2C eCommerce online marketplaces are growing fast. These marketplaces fill a need bringing demand together with trusted suppliers. Additionally there is the possibility to compare prices. Examples are eBay, Amazon and in Europe Germany’s

B2B eCommerce

In B2B there are few online shopping sites. The biggest shopping platform is China’s Alibaba, which brings the world’s suppliers and global demand together.

The US

I know of no established B2B eCommerce Platforms in the US.


In Europe Germany’s online suppliers directory is the main medium for companies looking for suppliers. But they do not do shopping comparison.

Shopping for Suppliers

Recently Google unveiled a new initiative. Google Shopping for Suppliers. It seems to be the first initiative to do what Alibaba does in a Google way. The system allows for price comparison and shopping in a way familiar from Google Shopping. However the service has been set up in a way to enable transactions in a B2B friendly format. Where Google Shopping has strict consumer market oriented Pricing and Payments, Shipping and Taxes policies, Google’s Shopping for Business is open to the possibilty of negotiating these business variables.


Right now Google Shopping for business is oriented towards the US market and has only 3 product catagories:

1. Electronics and Electrical

2. Mechanical components

3. Test and measurement

What it looks like

The display of Google Shopping for Suppliers has the no-frills look of Google Shopping and is a relief compared to Alibaba and The display shows highly relevant product data. For an example check the picture of the result of the query “flue gas analyser” below: