Owning your brand

To be strong in the long term a company must own its brand. Owning the brand allows the company to build the fortress that I mentioned in the previous post on strategy and branding. Branded search has become an important part of SEO. The more searchers search for your brand the stronger Google will favour your company in your main market. E.g. if your main business is selling electric tooth brushes and your website has the same strength in linking and content as your main competitor, but your competitor, say Oral-B, receives more branded search, your competitor will not just receive all this branded search but also a higher position in organic than your website.

The cost of registering a brand

The question is how much it costs to register a brand internationally.

I just applied to register three brands Europe wide through a international law firm a week ago and the bill was 6.000 Euro’s. That is for 10 years. That is 600 Euro’s per year and 200 Euro’s for a brand. Compared to the cost of hiring SEO staff and the cost of your firm’s Google Adwords campaign in those 10 years that is a very reasonable price to protect those efforts.

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