Corporate communications: graphic or wordy?

Recently I was speaking to the CEO of a company growing quickly on corporate communications. He wanted to renew his corporate site. This wordy site showed his corporations’ labels, services and showcased some projects. The site received decent organic traffic from Google, no advertising.

Going for the best impression

The CEO had a new site designed with lots of pictures and very little text. His reasoning? No body reads text anyway.

He is wrong even if he is right.

What is the goal of a corporate site? A corporate site should assist the CEO and any Business Developers in Business Development. Existing business runs in meetings, mails and calls. High level new business needs back up by a web site. Pictures may get the message accross, emotionally.

But in order to be found by companies who do not know you requires the site being discovered on web searches by other CEOs looking for the services and product which you offer.

Engage by being engaging

Google, the search engines, will only show you if your website has lots of interesting engaging stories about you and your business. You need to be open or you will risk to end up in a cul de sac of the internet.

The visitors to your website who do not read, are not in the market anyway.

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