Scraping the bottom of the B2B barrel online

Scraping the bottom of the B2B barrel online

When we compare to the quality or value of the average client which was won by internet marketing to the average client which we found using off line methods the quality of the former is lower than that of the latter.

The quality of the kind of person looking for a solution on Google is lower than a person who uses his experience or network for finding solutions. Is there a person more ignorant than the one who looks for his answer on a search engine? On the other hand the average person who represents a company in the client portfolio of a non-online marketing has more knowledge of the products, the market and pricing. They got to the company by picking up the phone or sending an email or meeting in person.

How to make money from low-grade online B2B clients

Traditional companies concentrating on the high quality, high value clients will notice that they are standing still. There is small growth in high value, high quality big clients. There is great growth in tiny start-ups however. These know-nothing clients start from the garage needing all kinds of B2B solutions to sell their products and services. They find them online using google.

Grow with the customer

In order to win then over strong Adwords advertising campaigns are necessary, a good website, low-end products with decent pricing compared to the other online offerings. After this low-grade customer placed their initial order placed the online company waits. Although quite a few of these clients will go broke or quit others will thrive and grow. They will grow in turnover and size, they will grow in their needs and they will grow in knowledge. The online company has to keep track of them, offer information on the website and keep in touch using phone and email. With more advanced offerings the full potential of the relationship will be fulfilled and the online B2B company will grow with its customer base. This is how we make money in B2B online.

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