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The author of this blog is Robbert Zijlstra. I work as an International Online Marketeer. I am Dutch and live in Amsterdam. In this blog I write about the passing scene in International Online Marketing.

I earn my money doing Online Marketing for a packaging firm. The markets I work in are The Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Denmark. My employer is called the Daklapack Group. The flagship of the company is Minigrip Nederland BV.

You can find my Google Plus page by clicking on Robbert on Google Plus.

A précis of my professional profile can be accessed at LinkedIn.

International Online Marketing

Export is the most important engine of economic growth. Particularly for a knowledge based economy like The Netherlands. Most European countries suffer from structural economic imbalances caused by debt. Both private and public debts are too high. Thus demand is at a standstill. It is the vision of the author that companies can grow by exporting. By capturing new markets abroad.

Export and Google Adwords

First a website must be established in a market. Then buyers must be driven to this website. Google is the search engine with the greatest market share in all European countries. Google Adwords is a great tool for driving traffic in any European market. Traffic consisting of people looking to buy our products and services. A portion of searchers on a keyword have an buying intent. This is the same in all countries. After these searchers have visited our business’ website they can be converted into buyers. And another foreign market has been penetrated. This is much simpler than finding the right magazine, newspaper or TV program. Not to mention the long wait for an outcome!

Export and usability

Every country is different. People from different cultures look differently at the same things. Therefore every market has its own unwritten laws about website usability. I will look at the best website for every market.

Media and platforms

Exporting is not just about search. Not just about Google. The author will also look at media. At eCommerce platforms in foreign markets. Platforms such as Ebay and Amazon are important eCommerce venues. Let’s see what can be used in European markets.

Author of International Online Marketing

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